I have been painting on fabric since the late 60's. Now the products are so much better, it is a joy to see the exquisite results, without all the chemical mixing & mess. The products I use are all water soluble, and simply heat-set with an iron.

Classes vary from process to project. Techniques include airbrush, batik, instant dyeing, spongeing, watercolor, layering, silkscreening and ink-jet printing.

Dyed and painted
on silk crepe
Dye painted on plastic
Watercolor technique
Faux batik, detail of Arizona Mountains quilt
Leaf painting, nest painted with Setacolor, eggs with neopaque.
Faux batik and
setacolor washes
Airbrushed herons
Painted and sponged
with Setacolor
Airbrushed lotus leaves and painted pods